Step 1 – Book Your Free Survey

Just CLICK ENQUIRY and leave your contact details and we will call to arrange a free home visit, or simply Call and leave your name and number.

Step 2 – Home Visit

We will arrange a home visit to view and survey your Bathroom and Show our extensive range of (100%) Waterproof, Wetwall Ceilings, Walls and Floor samples with online Bathroom Showroom products , all in the comfort of your home.

Step 3 – Place Your Order

After you are satisfied with what we have to offer, you can then Place Order. We will detail your specific Package and arrange your Installation date to suit you . We will then prepare your Order.

Step 4 – Installation Day

First day we will arrive as scheduled, discuss any arrangements with you for that day, should you wish to go out, going to work or staying at home. After putting down dust sheets, we will then start your New Renovation, working with you on any points we think you would like to know about.
We at (Wetwall Bathrooms Aberdeen) are a friendly Team, with experience of Installing 100’s of Bathroom Installations. We estimate your Install to be 4/5 Days from Start to Completion.

Step 5 – Exciting Completion Day

  • We will remove all rubbish, dust sheets and clean your house of any materials.
  • Go over everything with you, to make sure you are 100% Satisfied.
  • At this point we request you pay your Full Balance outstanding, now your renovation is Complete.
  • We are Fully Insured.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.
  • Fully Guaranteed Workmanship.